God’s Blessings

A collection of photos taken by members of the congregation showing the many blessings of living here in Maine.

(If you would like to submit your own photo of “God’s Blessings”, e-mail it to Ted Haider at indyhaiders@aol.com. Include a short description.) 


By Ruth Morrison: A sheep at Shaker Village, Sabbathday Lake.


By Ted Haider: A hummingbird moth gaining norishment from a butterfly bush.



By Mark Braun: Piper waiting for her companion during a recent walk through the woods behind the church.


A hungry squirrel in the birdfeeder outside Ruth's office.

By Ted Haider: A hungry squirrel in the birdfeeder outside Ruth's office.



By Chris DeSantis: A mother and her brood of young turkeys


By Chris DeSantis

By Chris DeSantis


By Jim Young: A sunset while waiting for the Portland Symphony Orchestra's Fourth of July concert to begin in 2008.

 By Jim Young: Sunset while waiting for the Portland Sympony Orchestra’s Fourth of July concert to begin in 2008.



By Ruth Morrison: A Mother’s Love: While lost on some country road I came across bunch of these big, beautiful, quiet creatures. I stopped for about a half hour and visited with them. I wish this were not a still shot.  I remember the snuggling up, the protective nuzzling of mom.  It was so sweet.



By Ted Haider: This has always been one of my favorite photos — as the tide pulls out at Higgins Beach, seagulls search for their breakfast among the rocks.  The joy of fetching tennis balls in the morning surf at Higgins Beach.



By Jim Young: A magnificient animal from the Fryeburg Fair. 



By Ted Haider: This was Mount Katahdin on a fall afternoon after a friend and I had spent five days on the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, when we climbed Katahdin the following day, we were in the clouds the entire time.