Colorful look of spring

Creative donation from Girl Scouts Lisa Stevens’ Cape Elizabeth Senior Girl Scout Troop 1467 for the past four years has decorated large grocery bags for clients picking up Thanksgiving vegetables and fruits from Judy’s Pantry. The troop recently asked if they could do similar bags for spring, but Thanksgiving is […]

Special event

Triumphal ride of Palm Sunday Thanks to the planning, creative thinking and commitment of a variety of people around the church, Jesus’ triumphal ride into Jerusalem was reenacted at our church on Palm Sunday, complete with a parade. Carol Hubbard and the Sunday School, with extra help from Deanne Burr, […]

Scripture Lesson

Prodigal Son Live Jesus’ parable about the Prodigal Son took on a new dimension Sunday with each of the characters being portrayed by members of the congregation. It was both fun to watch and provided a deeper understanding of the scripture lesson through the emotions of our presenters. Linda Webster […]

Dress a Girl mission

Mission complete! A cluster of ambitious and dedicated women from our church completed a four-week mission on Feb. 13, creating dresses for the national “Dress a Girl Around the World” initiative. When this project began in January, a goal of creating 50 dresses seemed like a realistic goal. But through […]

Creating Valentines

Thoughts of love and remembrance At its monthly meeting on Feb. 9, the United Methodist Women created valentines, using cut-out hearts, stickers, lace, fancy ribbon, and heartfelt words to make special cards for people in need of remembrance. Thank you to the UMW for taking the time to maintain a tradition that […]

Jazz Sunday 2016

Mardi Gras on the Cape On this final Sunday before Lent, our church once again held a worship service filled with New Orleans-style jazz and spirited hymn singing, bringing the congregation to its feet with arm-waving and enthusiastic applause. It was not your typical Sunday service — it was Jazz Sunday! […]

Italian sandwiches

Super Bowl delights In what has become a Super Bowl Sunday tradition, our church’s United Methodist Women made 44 Italian sandwiches early Sunday morning for members of the congregation and their friends to enjoy during the Super Bowl. Money from the sandwich drive will go to Camp Mechuwana, the year-round […]

Making more dresses

Week 3: 70-plus dresses After three Saturdays, women from our church have created more than 70 dresses for the “Dress a Girl Around the World” mission. The project will finish next Saturday, Feb. 13, with another 10 a.m.-noon session. At this last session, a local ambassador from the national Dress a Girl […]

Sunday School project

Helping to ‘dress a girl’ As a helping hand to the “Dress a Girl Around the World” project currently under way by a group of women in our church, the Sunday School has contributed another dimension to the initiative. Under the direction of Carol Hubbard, children of the Sunday School […]

Dress a Girl Around the World

Mission to help girls in poverty Women from our church today started a three-week project to make dresses as part of the dress a Girl Around the World mission. Linda Wakefield organized this project late last year after learning about a similar project at Wesley by the Sea, a retired […]