Kitchen Clean-up


A monumental task well done

Thank you to everyone who spent a good part of their Saturday on Feb. 18 taking apart and cleaning every corner of the church kitchen.

The Church Trustees organized this house-cleaning event, led by Gail Parker and Lisa Bowman.

EVERYTHING was taken out of the kitchen before the countertops, cupboards, refrigerator, stove, ovens, microwave, and assorted storage spaces were thoroughly cleaned with a flotilla of cleansers.


After everything was cleaned, items were returned to the kitchen and reorganized. To eliminate much of the clutter, many of the individual plates, dishes and serving platters were placed on a table in the Narthex. Over the next two weeks, check the table to see if any of your dishes or plates have been left from past church suppers. If they have, please take them home. If they are still there by the first Sunday in March, they will be donated to My Sister’s Keeper.



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