Halloween Party

Games, pinata-bashing and baked apples with ice cream were all part of the Halloween Party on Oct. 27. (Photo by Mark Braun)

Games, pinata-bashing and baked apples with ice cream were all part of the CEUMC Halloween Party on Oct. 27. (Photos by Mark Braun)

Spooky time for all

The church’s Halloween Party on Oct. 27 was a “gently”  spooky fun fest for all with adults having as much fun as the many children who participated.

Princess Madison Keezer

Princess Madison Keezer

Costumes were fun and creative, but as everyone agreed, Tyler Rodenberger paraded around with the most “grotesque” disguise, masking himself as the headless horseman.


Tyler, the Headless Horseman (Photos by Mark Braun)

When the Headless Horseman wasn’t haunting princesses and super heroes, he — along with everyone else — was enjoying one of the biggest treats of the party — baked apples. Everyone was given the opportunity to select a filling for their individual apple — brown sugar, raisins, oatmeal or a combination of any or all — and then they were wrapped in phyllo dough and baked. To top it off, they were served with ice cream! Thank you to Carol Hubbard and Margaret Braun for organizing the apple treats.


The party also included the traditional bashing of the Halloween pinata, a green monster-like creature that Serafina Fontana attempted to protect from being hit by the pinata bashers.


Serafina attempted to protect the pinata from being hit.

In the end, both children and adults attempted to break open the pinata with swimming pool “noodles,” but no one was successful. Finally, the pinata was ripped open and its contents spilled so that everyone could share in the Halloween bounty.


Participants attempted to break the pinata with swimming pool noodles. (Photos by Mark Braun)

In addition to the Halloween celebrations, the party also marked the social debut of 18-day-old Benjamin Donald Tammaro, son of Nick and Nicole. Benjamin came as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.


Benjamin Donald Tammaro

Rev. Ruth Morrison wants to thank all of the adults who helped keep everything moving during the party, but she has a special thanks to Katie Connelly and her Young grandparents for coming to the church Friday night to set up the party. THANK YOU!!!

Click here for more of Mark Braun’s images of the Halloween Party:

ween4Mural painting was one of the many party activities. The murals now hang on the sanctuary walls.







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