Charge Conference 2013

Jim McPhee

Jim McPhee


Meet our new district superintendent

Our church’s annual Charge Conference will be held on Thursday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. The congregation is invited and encouraged to attend.

The Charge Conference looks at the state of our church once a year in a variety of categories during an open discussion with the New England Conference’s district superintendent. The district superintendent also will talk about new initiatives within the district and conference.

Jim McPhee is our new district superintendent, replacing Jan and Mike Davis, who had been in the position for the past eight years.

Jim has served on the UMC’s New England Conference staff since 1999. Prior to that, he was senior pastor of the Brunswick UMC in Maine for seven years.

Prior to the 7 p.m. meeting, Jim will meet with the church’s Staff-Parish Relations Committee, discussing issues, concerns, observations and salaries.

If you would like the committee to bring up any specific issue, contact Mark Braun (chairperson), Steve Hill, Linda Wakefield, Natalie Charles, Dick Banks, Ted Haider or Ruth Dufresne before Nov. 14.

During the Charge Conference, a video will be shown, looking back over our church’s past 12 months and the difference will have made in many lives.

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