Special Sunday School


Learning about balance

During Sunday’s services, the Rev. Ruth Morrison made a reference to the word “balance” not appearing in the Bible. During Sunday School, however, the same word became a centerpiece of an exercise led by guest teacher Gary Beckwith.


Gary’s lesson in balance was based on the creation of a mobile, for which precise balance is critical.

Using recycled scraps of cardboard and foam board, Gary’s class was instructed to vote on a general theme — they selected spring — and then create individual pieces of art that would become the elements of the mobile.



Holes were  punched in the corners of each of the art elements and then the lesson in balance took center stage.


From the centers of recycled coat hangers, the class took turns tying on their art elements with small knots and then sliding them along the medal rod until there was a clean balance between all elements. Once the balance was achieved, a small drop of glue was applied to the knot, making permanent the balance of each element.



As it turned out, the lesson in balance wasn’t just about how the art elements hung from the metal rods. At the beginning of the class, Gary showed two photos of students in front of the Packard School in Aroostook County in 1934. One of the students was Gary’s brother. There were younger and older students in the photo and as Gary pointed out, the older ones always helped the younger ones — all a matter of balance. He asked the Sunday School class to do the same.


And they did.


Thank you, Gary!


The mobile is now hanging in Fellowship Hall near Ruth’s office — you have to see it in person to appreciate its movement and balance.


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