Easter services


A sunrise greeting

The Sunrise Easter Service at Two Lights told a different story this year. In years past, the Easter morning, pre-dawn worship, focused on Jesus’ resurrection and was held along the rocky path, leading to the point at Two Lights.

This Easter, the Sunrise Service was held on the beach at the end of Two Lights Road. When everyone began to arrive, with only the moon illuminating the ocean-side gathering, Jesus was there to greet us, warming himself by a fire on the beach.

This worship focused on Jesus’ third meeting with his disciples, after his resurrection, at the Sea of Galilee. Not knowing it was Jesus on the beach, Simon Peter and the other disciples went fishing, according to John: 21.


“Jesus called out to them, ‘Good morning! Did you catch anything for breakfast?’

“They answered, ‘Nothing!’

“He said, ‘Throw the net off the right side of the boat and see what happens.’

“They did what he said. All of a sudden there were so many fish in it, they weren’t strong enough to pull it in.

“Then John said to Peter, ‘It’s the Master’ “

Just as the Rev. Jon Twitchell from the Church of the Nazarene finished reading from this scripture, the sun rose over the Atlantic, bringing warmth and an Easter morning greeting.



On this Easter morning, Jesus was joined by two of his disciples, who assisted with the serving of communion on the beach.


Following communion, Jesus invited everyone to join him for breakfast, which was served (with coffee) at the back of the beach.



For this Easter Sunrise, Jesus was portrayed by Matt Braun and his disciples were portrayed by Eric and Mariah Higley.

Three hours later, a regular Easter service was held in the church’s sanctuary, attended by many members of the congregation, their families and friends, and some new-comers from the Cape and surrounding communities.


As we have come to expect and appreciate, Faith York and the choir provided traditional and original music throughout the service.


For the Children’s Story, the Rev. Ruth Morrison talked about Easter eggs and because they are a source for new life, they provide the perfect image for Easter.



In Sunday School, Carol Hubbard told the story of the resurrection to a full classroom.


The United Methodist Women prepared more than 50 personalized Easter cakes and handed them out to families after the service. As always, thank you to the UMW!


Happy Easter to all to attended the two services and also to those who were not able to this year.




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