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Learning about notes of worship

Natalie Underdown explained, “Music is very important to God” and used the many pages from Psalms in the Bible to illustrate her point. On Sunday, Natalie and her mother Ann shared with our Sunday School class their love of contemporary Christian music and the spirit it brings to their lives.

Ann and Natalie brought CDs from Christian contemporary music to which they often listen and also displayed T-shirts they have purchased at the many Christian concerts they have attended in Old Orchard Beach and Portland.

“We like to get to the concerts up to two hours early,” Ann said, “so we can sit in the front row. We don’t want to miss anything.”

Natalie Underdown talks about the peace she finds from listening to Christian music.

Natalie Underdown talks about the peace she finds from listening to Christian music.

Throughout the class, Natalie and Ann played videos and music tracks of Contemporary Christian Music, featuring artist Jamie Grace, and groups MercyMe and Thrive. The CDs Ann and Natalie brought included artists Steven Curtis Chapman, Mark Schultz, Laura Story, and Chris Tomlin and the groups Newsboys and Tenth Avenue North.

“Music is a way to worship God outside of church,” Natalie told the children. “You can worship God through music.”

Natalie also talked about listening to music on Freeport radio station Positive FM (89.3). In addition to sponsoring concerts at the Seaside Pavilion in Old Orchard Beach, Positive FM promotes its PACK’D cards (Positive Acts of Kindness). The station supplies PACK’D cards and asks its listeners to anonymously “show God’s love to someone in an unexpected way” and to leave a PACK’D card when they are finished with the task.


The card includes the recommendation from whomever was “pack’d” to perform their own “positive act of kindness” and pass the card along.

Some of Positive FM’s listings of “PACK’D” tasks include:

  • Help pay for the gasoline for someone at the gas station
  • Help some pay for groceries or return their cart for them
  • Make dessert or a meal for someone and deliver it with a PACK’D card
  • Wash a neighbor’s car while they are away and leave a PACK’D card under the windshield wiper
  • Send someone flowers and include a PACK’D card.

All of the children in the Sunday School class were given PACK’D cards and told to think of their own “positive act of kindness.”

Click here for more information about Positive FM and its PACK’D cards: Positive FM


At the end of Ann and Natalie’s Sunday School class on Contemporary Christian Music, they handed out large musical notes to each of the children and adults who were present and asked everyone to write their name on the note and something they were thankful to God for. The musical notes were then attached to a large poster of a musical score with the heading “I will sing of mercy and justice to you, O Lord, I will sing praises,” from Psalm 101:1.


The musical poster will be in the sanctuary throughout the summer.


Thank you to Ann and Natalie, with help from Natalie’s friend Dakota Wetherbee, for a wonderful Sunday School program.


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