Children’s Sunday


The Rev. Ruth Morrison introduces Steve Hill to the congregation, saying it had taken Steve 42 years to get out of the eighth grade.

Milestone moment

Children’s Sunday, most often a special service to highlight our children and their many accomplishments, had an unusual approach this year.  The Rev. Ruth Morrison used the occasion to celebrate a milestone moment — after 42 years, Steve Hill is finally leaving the eighth grade — for good.

In just over a week, Steve will leave Greely Middle School for the last time, leaving behind the history classes he has taught, the academic futures he has helped to shape, the respect he has earned, and the passion he has been hesitant to walk away from.

Steve started his teaching career in 1972. at what was then Greely Junior High School, and not long after graduating from the University of Southern Maine.

As Steve might have said to one of his classes, the rest is history . . .

Not surprisingly, Judith Hill also is retiring this spring, stepping away from careers in both the medical and legal professions.

To celebrate the retirements, Children’s Sunday, and high school graduations, Steve and Judith cut two celebratory cakes following the 10 a.m. service.


Happy retirements to Steve and Judith!

During the Children’s Sunday service. a video was shown, featuring the work of teachers Carol Hubbard and Laura Young and guest teachers Mark McDowell, Mark Braun, Ruth Morrison, and Natalie and Ann Underdown. Flowers also were presented to Carol Hubbard for the many hours she has spent throughout the year preparing Sunday School programs.

The Rev. Ruth Morrison presents flowers to Sunday School leader Carol Hubbard.

The Rev. Ruth Morrison presents flowers to Sunday School leader Carol Hubbard.

Sunday’s scripture lessons also focused on our children with Rosa Larrabee and Jasper Fontana contributing to the readings. And adding to Sunday’s selection of music, Tyler Rodenberger played a piano solo. It was an inspiring day — thanks to our youth.
Jasper Fontana reads part of Sunday's scripture lesson.
Jasper Fontana reads part of Sunday’s scripture lesson.
Tyler Rodenberger plays his piano solo.

Tyler Rodenberger plays his piano solo.

For students who definitely have made it past the eighth grade, Gwyneth Roberts, Becca O’Neill, Monty Kwan and Sarah Bosworth were recognized for having graduated from Cape Elizabeth High School. And our recent college graduates include Matthew Braun (University of Southern Maine) and Jeremy Allmendinger (Champlain College).

Congratulations to all!


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