Water line problem


Digging to determine in which direction the water leak is between the church and parsonage, took place on Tuesday, Aug. 26 by Tamarro Landscaping.

Looking for the leak

The Portland Water District has informed the church we have a leak in the water line that runs from our water meter to the church and/or parsonage. The problem is, we don’t know where the leak is, but we need to find it and fix it.

Even though there are no visible signs of the leak, the water district says that one exists because our monthly water usage has increased significantly. In July of last year, the church and parsonage used 11,220 gallons of water. This July we were billed for 33,156 gallons.

To help determine where the leak is, Tammaro Landscaping has dug up a known water connection between the church and the parsonage. By shutting off the water from one direction and then the other from this connection, it has been determined the leak is apparently between the connection and the church.

Duane Wakefield of the Trustees will be working with the Church Council on how best to proceed to fix the leak.

“It won’t be cheap, no matter which way we go,” Duane told the council on Aug. 12. “But this needs to be fixed.”

How the repairs will be paid for will be a decision for the congregation to make. Similar to how we have funded other expensive projects, a loan might be taken from the New England Conference and then repaid over time with pledges from church members.

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