New water line


Project complete!

A new water line around the perimeter of the church has been installed by Tammaro Landscaping and the project to fix the leak detected during the summer is now complete.


The Portland Water District a few months ago notified the church that a leak likely existed but it was almost impossible to detect exactly where the leak was — except that it probably was under the church foundation.

The decision was made to cap the line that ran under the church and run a new line around the church, conecting to the Water District’s water main.


A four-foot-deep trench was dug, breaking through a layer of shale ledges, and then the new water piping was laid and covered by sand and insulation before a final layer of soil.


The work was completed on Oct. 9.

The cost of the project was approximately $11,000, but it was covered by money still remaining from the “Celebrating God’s Love” capital campaign that began in November 2012. That capital campaign was created to pay for the new furnace, new sound system for the sanctuary and the new commercial-grade dishwasher for the kitchen. But because donations exceeded the costs of the three projects, money remained to pay for the new water line.

Some members of the congregation spread their “Celebrating God’s Love” pledges over three years. If you did so, please honor your pledge with a third payment this fall or early next year.

Thank you to Trustee Duane Wakefield for overseeing all the details on this project.


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