Heifer Project

(Photos by Laura Young)

Learning about hunger, poverty

Each Sunday since September, our Sunday School has been taking a collection for the Heifer Project, an initiative to teach our children about worldwide hunger and poverty.

Bob and Linda Webster introduced the children to the Heifer Project in September and gave them a refresher course on Feb. 8, just prior to their trip to the Heifer International Farm in Alabama.


The weekly Sunday School collections will go toward  the purchase of a goat, a flock of chicks, honey bees, llama, or perhaps even a heifer.

The purchase and donation of these animals go to the Heifer Mission, which distributes them to families in poverty throughout the world, helping them to become self-reliant through the gifts they receive.

For example:

  • Goats can produce up to a ton of milk a year and give birth to twins or triplets.
  • Heifers can produce a calf every year and up to four gallons a milk a day.
  • Honey bees can supply beeswax and honey and improve crop yields through pollination.
  • Chickens can supply up to 200 eggs a year.

Through Heifer International, the cost of the animals:

  • Heifer: $500
  • Share of Heifer: $50
  • Llama: $150
  • Goat: $120
  • Share of Goat: $10
  • Honey Bees: $30
  • Flock of chicks: $20

If you have children in our Sunday School, please help them to contribute to the Heifer Project.

Click here for more information on Heifer International: Heifer

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