Children’s Sunday 2015


With help from Jean Meyer, Naomi Williams completes the task of lighting the altar candles on Children's Sunday.

A service for the children, by the children

For the past 10 months, our church’s Sunday School — and the congregation as a whole — has embraced the Heifer Project. That commitment was recognized on June 14 with Children’s Sunday.

Throughout the 10 a.m. service, children were the primary focus, from the lighting of the altar candles, special music, the offertory collection, and even the sermon by the Rev. Ruth Morrison.


Coordinator Carol Hubbard talks about the Sunday School's Heifer Project.

Coordinator Carol Hubbard announced to the congregation that more than $425 had been raised by the Sunday School throughout the school year, aided by special collections from the congregation.

The Sunday School will forward its donations to Heifer International for the purchase of two goats, one llama, 1 sheep and a flock of chicks. Heifer International distributes animals to families in poverty throughout the world, helping them to be self-reliant through the gifts they receive.


Serafina and Naomi display colored pictures of animals the Sunday School plans to purchase through Heifer International.

Sunday School classes throughout the year learned about Heifer projects during discussions by church members Linda and Bob Webster, who have worked at the Heifer International Farm.

Also during the Children’s Sunday service, Jasper Fontana and Tyler Rodenberger played piano solos and Ellie Gagne read scripture.

Jasper Fontana

Jasper Fontana

Lila Gagne

Ellie Gagne

After the sermon, a Love Feast or Agape Meal was served to the congregation, consisting of grapes and animal crackers, honoring the focus on the Heifer Project. A Love Feast in the United Methodist Church is a “ritual meal in which hymns are sung.” ¬†The feast is meant to recall the meals Jesus shared with his disciples. At Sunday’s service, it also was a reflection of the scripture reading, the story of the loaves and fishes (John 6:1-15).


The service's Love Feast is served by Luke Gagne and Caitlin and Patrick Lee.

For their work in Sunday School throughout the year, Carol Hubbard, Sarah Gagne, and Belinda Parker were presented flowers by the Rev. Morrison. Flowers also were presented to the Rev. Jim Young for his work with Adult Education.

Sunday School Coordinator Carol Hubbard receives a hug and thanks from the Rev. Ruth Morrison during the Children's Sunday service.

Sunday School Coordinator Carol Hubbard receives a hug and thanks from the Rev. Ruth Morrison during the Children's Sunday service.

The 2014-15 Sunday School was successful because of the many church members who addressed the classes on subjects of their choosing and also for the many volunteers who helped in many other ways.

If you would like to be a part of the 2015-16 Sunday School, please see Carol Hubbard or the Rev. Morrison.

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