Asian Supper


Jo Stewart

Evening of celebration, reflection

One week before the church’s Asian Supper, there were only 15 reservations from people who said they definitely would attend. Event coordinator Stephen Bither told meal organizer Jo Stewart, “Don’t worry. Have faith, they will come.”

And they did.

More than 80 people enjoyed the Asian Supper on Oct. 24, filling Fellowship Hall with church members, their friends and residents from Cape Elizabeth and surrounding communities.


It was an evening to celebrate Asian culture through its food, but it also a night to honor the Asian tradition of remembering loved ones who have passed. For Jo Stewart and her family, it was remembering her mother who passed away in Singapore at this time last year. For others, it was remembering church member Gloria Kierstead, who always enjoyed working at the Asian suppers, who passed away this past January.

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Tim Stewart leading a toast at the beginning of the supper.

After everyone had filled their plates and bowls with a wide assortment of Asian delicacies, Tim Stewart led everyone with a traditional toast from Singapore, “Yum sing.” Participants all raised their glasses and cheered out, “Yum sing” three times, each one louder than the last.


As impressive as the dinner was for all who attended, even more impressive was the more than eight hours of preparations that took place throughout the day on Saturday — chopping, dicing, swirling in a wok, delicately folding dumpling skins, adding just the right amount of soy sauce and sesame oil, and all the other details Jo Stewart has honed to perfection from watching her mother in Singapore and teaching her own family and friends in Cape Elizabeth.


Jo Stewart demonstrating how to perfectly fold a dumpling.


Thank you to Jo and Tim, Stephen and the many volunteers who did the preparations beforehand, served the dinner and then cleaned up afterward. It was a wonderful evening for the church and its family.

Yum sing!!!


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