Dress a Girl mission


Mission complete!

A cluster of ambitious and dedicated women from our church completed a four-week mission on Feb. 13, creating dresses for the national “Dress a Girl Around the World” initiative.

When this project began in January, a goal of creating 50 dresses seemed like a realistic goal. But through the four weeks, the women sewed together for two hours on Saturday mornings and sewed for many more hours in their homes throughout the month. The end result: 117 dresses!

Jackie Dewey, a regional ambassador for the national “Dress a Girl” initiative, was present at the final sewing session. When the final dresses were complete, they all were blessed by the Rev. Ruth Morrison and then taken by Jackie, to be shipped to the national program in Tempe, Arizona, for distribution to girls living in poverty around the world.


Since its start in 2009, the “Dress a Girl” program has delivered 300,000 dresses to 81 countries. “Dress a Girl” is part of the Hope 4 Women International program in Tempe.

Linda Wakefield, who started this initiative for our church with Ruth late last year, said the women of our church will gather again next January and February to make more dresses — and next time they’ll also be making pants for boys.


Congratulations to everyone who took part in this incredible mission!

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