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Triumphal ride of Palm Sunday

Thanks to the planning, creative thinking and commitment of a variety of people around the church, Jesus’ triumphal ride into Jerusalem was reenacted at our church on Palm Sunday, complete with a parade.

Carol Hubbard and the Sunday School, with extra help from Deanne Burr, created large palms the children could wave during the Palm Sunday parade. Choir Director Faith York took time out during a Sunday service and taught the Sunday School an original song they could sing during the parade.  Gary Beckwith created a marvelous donkey head out of papier mache for Jesus to hold onto during the parade and, saving the best for last, Terry Keezer agreed to portray Jesus. It was a team effort and the end result was beautiful to watch — and hear.


(Photo by Mark Braun)

The choir, in their new blue robes, greeted the parade at the front door of the Narthex, joined in with the song Faith had taught the children, and then joined the parade into the sanctuary.


(Photo by Mark Braun)

The parade began in the back hall by the chapel, proceeded outside, wrapped around to the front of the church and then entered the Narthex and sanctuary.


Go to the church’s Facebook page and scroll down to see a video of the parade.


Thank you to everyone who made this special and memorable event possible.

Click here for more images of Palm Sunday:


Deanne Burr helping the Sunday School children create palms for the Palm Sunday parade. (Photo by Carol Hubbard)


Faith York teach Sunday School children an original song for the Palm Sunday parade. (Photo by Carol Hubbard)





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