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National award for Matt Braun

Congratulations to our church’s Matt Braun who over the weekend was presented the National Leadership Conference’s Young People in Recovery Advocate award. The presentation took place at the conference’s national gathering in Denver.

The award included $1,000 from which Matt will donate $500 to a not-for-profit organization.

The national Young People in Recovery program is a “grassroots organization focused on person-to-person service for young people in, or seeking, recovery” from drug or alcohol addiction.

The award was presented in honor of Charlie Mayr, who was the chief communications officer for Actavis Generics, a partner with Young People in Recovery. Mayr passed away in January at the age of 59 after an inspirational battle with cancer. The award stated “Charlie’s legacy and passion was always leaving people, organizations and the world he touched in a much better place than he found it.”

The award Matt received was based on an individual “demonstrating exceptional personal commitment, dedication and passion for advancing themselves — whether in their own recovery, advancing Young People in Recovery, or any other pursuit.

The winner of the award was selected by Charlie Mayr’s three children based on “who they felt best represented Charlie’s spirit.

Congratulations, Matt, for being that person.

Members of our church and others in the Casco Bay Cluster of United Methodist churches heard Matt’s emotional and inspirational story of his 6 1/2-year recovery from addiction during a Lenten service in March at the Thornton Heights UMC.




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