Remodeling outdoor chapel


Preston Stewart (left) works with one of the Scout leaders on transporting a tree stump to the Outdoor Chapel to be used for constructing a bench.

Preston Stewart’s Eagle Scout project

Work is under way on Preston Stewart’s Eagle Scout Leadership project to remodel the Outdoor Chapel. Last weekend, Preston and fellow scouts and friends from Troop 30 cleaned up the grounds, spread a tarp barrier and then spread mulch to cover the entire area.


Work will continue this weekend with new benches and a pulpit being constructed. The bases of the benches will be stumps from a tree recently cut down at the back of the church parking lot.


The project will be finished for the Oct. 2 Animal Blessing and for the outdoor marriage of Nancy Ricker’s granddaughter on Oct. 15.


Matt Braun (right) speaks with Scout leaders from Troop 30.

The Outdoor Chapel was created in 1994 as John Hoskins’ Eagle Scout project. It was remodeled for a first time in 2005 as Matt Braun’s Eagle Scout project.


Thank you to members of the church who made sandwiches for the scouts while they worked on the Outdoor Chapel.




It was not all work for everyone.

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