Corned Beef Supper

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Festive UMW event on St. Patrick’s weekend

Our United Methodist Women came together for a public Corned Beef and Cabbage Supper on March 16, spending the full day to blend boiled potatoes, cabbage, turnips, carrots and onions with corned beef. The dinner was true Irish.


Thank you to Jean Meyer and Meredith Delassandro for organizing the event and to their helpers from the United Methodist Women and others for setting up and decorating Fellowship Hall, for preparing and serving the meal, and for cleaning up afterward: Barbara Knowles, Ann Underdown, Jen Geaumont, Shirley Maxwell, Lili Acheson, Deanne Burr, Carol Haider, Joan Clinton, and Bonnie Shibles. Thank you also to Stephen Bither and Pat Acheson for helping out in many ways.


More thank yous to all the members of the church who made cupcakes, brownies, and cookies for dessert.





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