Dress a Girl 2020

Dress creations under way

Women from our church, friends, and others from surrounding communities are taking part in the Dress-a-Girl Around the World mission, which provides young girls living in poverty new dresses. On Feb. 1, the first of four Saturdays on which women will be sewing from 9 a.m.-noon, 17 women worked in our Sunshine Room. After one week, including some dresses that were completed at homes, the group has 151 dresses hanging on racks.

In previous years, our church’s Dress-a-Girl mission was taken on only by women from the congregation. But this year, through newspaper articles, organizer Judith Hill invited others from surrounding communities to take part. The response has been so great, sewing has spilled out of the Sunshine Room into Fellowship Hall. Participating women have come from Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, South Portland, Portland, Auburn, Falmouth, Minot, Brunswick and Winterport.

Over nine years, the national Dress-a-Girl mission has distributed 1.5 million dresses in 82 countries. Last year our church contributed 295 dresses, most of which were sent to Zimbabwe.

Thank you to all who have been part of this incredible act of kindness!

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