Task Force looks toward future

Our church has formed a task force to assess all the changes that have taken place over the past few years — new part-time ministers, new missions, a pandemic, and both new found and lost members — while working on a focused path for the future.

The group, which has decided to call itself, “Unfolding the Future Task Force, is being led by the Rev. Nancy Bischoff, a retired United Methodist minister.

Members of the Task Force include Rod Frey, Linda and Bob Webster, Gail Parker, Joan Clinton, Stephen Bither, Jaymie Chamberlin, Mark Braun, and Pastor Priscilla.

Mark Braun addressed the church during the July 18 service and explained the Task Force established its inital goals of coming up with three statements: a Purpose Statement, a Mission Statement, and a Vision Statement.

The group, so far, has written its Purpose Statement:

“Celebrating God’s unconditional and transforming love, Cape Elizabeth UMC welcomes all into a caring community of faith, where we seek to become living expressions of love, peace, justice, equity, and inclusion.”

The Task Force wrote the Purpose Statement using ideas gathered from the congregation from breakout groups that took place during the April 11 service, from phone calls to other church members, and by overall discussions within the Task Force.

On June 30, according to Mark Braun, the Task Force gathered, talked, debated, prayed, listened, and finally discussed all input to come up with the right words to express the group’s and congregations ideas.

If anyone would like to comment on the direction the Task Force is heading, or to join the group, please see Pastors Priscilla or Kathleen, or any member of the Task Force.

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