Dress-a-Girl 2022

Women from our church and others from surrounding communities did it again!

For the seventh straight year, they spent months creating sun dresses for young girls living in poverty in this country and around the world as part of the international Dress-a-Girl around the World mission.

Working individually from their homes instead of gathering together at the church because of the pandemic, 13 women completed 418 dresses. Since 2016, the women have now finished 2,079 dresses that have been sent around the world!

The women brought the dresses to the church on March 5 to be blessed by our church’s Judith Hill and Pastor Priscilla Dreyman. They then were displayed in front of the altar for everyone to see during the next day’s Sunday service. A day later they were boxed up for delivery to the regional Dress-a-Girl ambassador.

Judith concluded the blessing of this year’s dresses asking all the women to join in the prayer, “Compassionate God, we ask you to bless all the children for whom these dresses are made. May these dresses be a reminder of your presence in their lives. May these dresses bring love and light, hope and joy”.

Following the blessing, Pastor Priscilla asked the women to close their eyes and picture in their minds what they think will happen when the dresses reach girls deep in Africa or in some impoverished part of this country; girls who have very little or in some cases nothing to call their own. Joy and laughter were the quick responses, to which Pastor Priscilla added, “And they’ll be thinking of you, from across oceans, with pure love”.

This year’s CEUMC Dress-a-Girl participants included Jean Meyer, Linda Webster, Linda Wakefield, Judith Hill, Lili Acheson, Maria Ditzel, Beverly Merrill, Judy Rowe, Lynn Swan, Nancy Mandell, Donna Hutchins, Diane Brackley, and Lydia Szakas.

Congratulations on another incredible job well done!

Click here for more information on the Dress-a-Girl mission: http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com

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