Favorite Pet Photo Contest

Here are the final entries for the church’s Outreach Ministry Team’s Photo Contest for Top Dogs and Fab Cats to benefit the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Photos will be displayed at the church until TOMORROW, May 29. Check out our animal friends and cast a vote for the Top Dog and Fab Cat.

1 vote = 1 can of wet dog or cat food or tuna in water. (Preferred brands: Friskies, Fancy Feast, Purina Pro or Science Diet).

5 votes = 1 dog or cat toy or one bag of dog or cat treats (grain free).

10 votes = 1 bag of dry dog or cat food. (Preferred brands: (Purina Pro or Science Diet).

If you prefer to make a cash donation, $1.00 = 1 vote.

If you are unable to be at church to cast a vote or votes, e-mail Ted Haider at indyhaiders @aol.com or Dotty Frey at dorothea.frey @gmail.com and they will be glad to pick up donations at your home.

The winning dog and cat will receive a pet gift basket. Winners will be announced in early June.

Thank you from the Outreach Ministry Team!

Bentley. Pet Parent Matt Braun

Bea. Pet Parent Beverly Merrill

Bubba Mack. Pet Parents: David and Sharalyn Andrews

Digit. Grand dog of Jaymie Chamberlin

Evie. Pet Parent Deb Wakefield

Hercules. Pet Parents Kendrick and Naomie Williams

Hudson and Marco. Pet Parents Brayden and Mason Frey

Hyggely Dog. Pet Parents Fontana-Hubbard Family

Jasper and Lucy. Pet Parent Jean Meyer

Kodi. Pet Parents Judith and Steve Hill

Margeaux. Pet Parent Jeff Ward

Oliver. Pet Parents Dotty and Rod Frey

PJ and Clifford. Pet Parents Faith York and Larry Ducharme

Scooby. Pet Parents Lebreck Family

Sophie. Pet Parent Pastor Priscilla Dreyman

Spooky and Chloe. Pet Parents Carol and Ted Haider

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