Chapel Woods opening

The June 4 ribbon-cutting included (left to right) acting CEUMC Treasurer Jim Tammaro, CELT Executive Director Cindy Krum, CELT Membership and Development Director Patty Renaud, and CEUMC Administrative Council Chairperson Steve Hill.

Saturday June 4 marked the official opening of Chapel Woods, the new 6.7-acre conservation easement obtained by the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust on church property in Robinson Woods, guaranteeing it will remain natural and protected in perpetuity.

The official opening, at the entrance to the woods at the back of the church parking lot, included words of praise for this completed collaboration from CELT Executive Director Cindy Krum and CEUMC Administrative Council Chairperson Steve Hill. A ceremonial ribbon cutting was done by Patty Renaud, CELT’s director of membership and development.

Cindy Krum and Steve Hill

Cindy Krum thanked “the work of the church and (CELT’s) Board of Directors who supported this amazing community effort”.

Part of the agreement with the church, which was signed on May 31, provides CELT with 20 parking spaces at the back of the parking lot near the entrance to the trail.

Steve Hill remarked that this collaboration has been in the works for many years and the “preservation and conservation of this land is very critical in many ways — to preserve this land forever is very important”.

The mid-day ceremony was observed by members of the church, members of CELT, and participants in CELT’s Cross Town Walk, which began at Kettle Cove and was moving on to Portland Headlight after the ribbon-cutting. The new easement through the church property, of which the church retains ownership, completes CELT’s Cross Town Trail. Cindy Krum says CELT now has 850 acres of preserved land throughout Cape.

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