Ash Wednesday 2023

Thank you to everyone who prepared for and participated in the Ash Wednesday service at our church. Members of the Thornton Heights and Peoples United Methodist churches also took part in a reflective, uplifting spiritual service and fellowship.

Prior to worship, 65 people gathered in Fellowship Hall for soups, chowders, breads, and desserts. After the reading of scriptures and the sharing of memories of past Ash Wednesdays, palm fronds were burned outside the church and the ashes were used for the imposition and markings of the sign of the cross on each individual’s forehead.

The service was led by three ministers: CEUMC’s Kathleen Decker-Szakas, Thornton Heights’ Gwyneth Arrison, and Peoples’ Tom Frey. Members of the three churches also took part in a 21-person choir directed by Faith York.

It was a special and encouraging gathering of Cape Elizabeth and South Portland United Methodists.

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