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Advent study begins on Sunday, Nov. 29

Steve Hill will lead an Adult Education study during the Advent season with the theme, “What Do You Want for Christmas?”

The study sessions will be held on Sunday mornings at 9 o’clock in the Sunshine Room, beginning on Nov. 29 and continuing for four Sundays. Everyone is welcome and you are encouraged to bring friends.

The study guide was written by James W. Moore and offers some suggestions for a Christmas Wish List, such as:

  • This Christmas I would like to receive the Good Sense to “Put First Things First.”
  • This Christmas I would like to receive the Good Sense to always be Gracious and Loving.
  • This Chrismas I would like to receive the Good Sense to Feel God’s Presence in My Life.

Here is an outline of the four-week study:

  • Sunday, Nov. 29: The Christmas Gift of Hope. What does Advent mean to you? Lessons of Hope from Mary and Isaiah. Becoming a beacon of Hope.
  • Sunday, Dec. 6: The Christmas Gift of Freedom. How does the arrival of the Christ Child minister to us? Is Jesus the One? How can we give the gift of Freedom?
  • Sunday, Dec. 13: The Christmas Gift of Christ. Want to be a Shepherd? What is the Greatest Gift? Share a special gift.
  • Sunday, Dec. 20: The Christmas Gift of Salvation. What do we hunger for at Christmas? Are we disillusioned? Share the good news.

Here is the beginning of James Moore’s study guide introduction. Take a few minutes to read it and consider how you would answer the question. Then consider how you could share your answer with others at the Sunday morning Advent Studies.

It happens every year. You can count on it. It always repeats itself. Again and again in the days leading up to Christmas, we will hear people ask the big question: “What do you want for Christmas this year?” Parents will ask their children. Husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends will ask each other the time-honored question: “What do you want for Christmas this year?

Usually, the question is asked and answered in a materialistic way: “What can I buy for you this year? a new toy? an item of clothing? a piece of jewelry? an electronic game or gadget?” But in this Advent study book, I want us to explore that question on a deeper level: What do we really want for Christmas? It’s a fascinating thing to think about because Christmas has so many amazing and generous gifts to give us.

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