Easter morning 2011


The 10 a.m. Easter service in the santuary brought together new and older members of the congregation, along with many friends and families.

Joyous Celebrations

Easter morning began with the rising sun covered by off-shore fog and the piercing of the Two Lights fog horn periodically interrupting the Sunrise Service.

But at least it wasn’t snowing.

The early-morning worship, on the rocks by the Lobster Shack, took place against the backdrop of crashing waves from Saturday’s departing storm and drew a gathering of more than 50 people from four area churches. The spirited service included prayer, scripture reading, hymns and the arm — and spirit — raising rendition of Linnea Good’s “Singing Hallelujah.”

The Sunrise Service was followed by the traditional Easter breakfast at the Cape Elizabeth Church of the Nazarene and then the 10 a.m. sanctuary service at the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church.

Faith York and the CEUMC choir once again provided special arrangements for the 10 a.m. service, providing the background for our celebration of the Resurrection.

This year’s Easter service also included a special visit by the “Easter” bunny, a contribution from Katie Connelly and her family and the story line for Rev. Ruth Morrison’s Children’s Story.

For both the Sunrise and Sanctuary services, it was a day of celebration, fellowship and the renewing of friendships from old and new members of the congregation.


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Early risers attended a Sunrise Service at Two Lights at 5:30 a.m




Flowers for the Sanctuary Service were contributed by members of the congregation in memory of family and friends.


Faith York and the choir offered special arrangements throughout the Sanctuary Service.


Katie Connelly brought her pet rabbit, Snowy, as part of the Children's Story.






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