Holiday spirit in Judy’s Pantry


Special day for special cause

Organizers of Judy’s Produce Pantry, which has provided fresh vegetables and fruits and non-perishable canned goods throughout the summer and fall to more than 30 individuals and families, extended their special cause into December this year with a holiday give-away.

On Tuesday afternoon the Sunshine Room in our church was filled with bins of canned goods, cereals, pasta and pasta sauces, some late-season produce, and even a few Christmas wreaths. Much of the canned goods, particular cans of tuna and jars of peanut butter, were donations from members of our church.


The original plan for this special Tuesday offering was to give each client of the pantry a bag filled with a variety of the non-perishable items and produce. But after seeing all there was to offer, organizer Nancy Miles decided to let everyone select whatever they needed, taking into account family size and dietary concerns.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, clients were presented with bags filled with Thanksgiving-type foods. As much as Tuesday’s offering was in the holiday spirit, the food was more for basic necessities than celebration.

In past years, Judy’s Produce Pantry wouldn’t open again until the summer months. But this year the pantry will be open on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month — beginning in January — to provide non-perishable foods, from 3-5:30 p.m. in the Sunshine Room.

Church members are asked to continue their donations of non-perishable foods whenever possible to keep this special mission moving forward. Donations should be left by Grace in Fellowship Hall.

Food items most needed include cans of tuna, boxes of pasta, juices, peanut butter, salad dressing, canned fruit, cereals, tomato or pasta sauces, cleaning products, paper products and pet food. Thank you to everyone who contributes!


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