Adult Education classes

Exploring the Lord’s Prayer

The Rev. Jim Young is leading  a new series of Adult Education classes this summer, at 9 a.m. on Sundays in the Sunshine Room.

This eight-week series is titled “Unpacking the Lord’s Prayer.”

Jim has been leading these Sunday morning Adult Classes for a number of years and with each year, more adults have been participating. The key ingredient to the participation is that you don’t have to have been part of all discussions to be able to join on any given Sunday and become involved. Each week offers a new approach, often with new perspectives.

The first week of this series will focus on “Introducing both Lord’s Prayers,” Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4.

As Jim explains in his introduction, “Christianity, as one of the major religions in the whole of creation, joins other faith fellowships of the world in giving thanks for creation, for establishing a relationship with the Creator and for seeking a guiding path for all of us to live in creation. For Christians, to love God and neighbor represents the Faithful Life. Luke and Matthew tell us Jesus taught his disciples to pray as we journey through the Faithful Life.

“How old were you when you first memorized the Lord’s Prayer?” Jim asks. “Now, when was the last time you took time to think about the words of the prayer?”

Consider those answers and join us this Sunday or on any other Sunday through Aug. 25.

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