Sweets for Shut-ins


UMW’s Christmas project

It what has become one of its most joyous missions of the year, the United Methodist Women of our church spent the early part of Tuesday afternoon assembling gift baskets for members of the congregation who have a difficult time getting out at this time of the year.

The annual project has been lovingly named “Sweets for Shut-ins.”


After their monthly lunch and meeting, the women gathered fruits, cookies, popcorn, candies and other holiday treats, in addition to a small holly plant, and arranged them on paper plates.


Colorful cellophane was then pulled up and over each plate and tied with a ribbon and bow, making it ready for delivery to the more than a dozen shut-ins around the Cape community.


When they finished and prepared to head out into the overcast afternoon to deliver the baskets, it was snowing lightly — what else could you ask for?


Once again this Christmas season, thank you to the UMW for its thoughtfulness and caring missions!

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