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Reflections from Tom Merrill

Tom Merrill, who spent 55 years in a variety of ministries before retiring and becoming a member of our congregation, returned to the pulpit on Dec. 8 and delivered a lively sermon on John the Baptist.

Tom reflected on John being the “voice in the wilderness” and also used it as a comparison to the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Setting up his sermon, Tom said he had considered being more in character as John the Baptist, wearing a hair shirt (but JC Penney didn’t have any, he said) and eating locusts (they only came chocolate covered, he said, and they cost $52 a pound).

No hair shirt, no locusts, but from Tom, his words were all that were needed.

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Also during the 10 a.m. service in which Tom Merrill preached, Mariah Parker read the scripture lesson — on her 16th birthday.


Mariah Parker

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