Jolly Snowman Christmas Fair


Kitchen crew for the Lobster Roll luncheon

Finding the Christmas spirit

With 50-degree temperatures and joggers running past the church in shorts and light-weight tops, it hardly seemed like Christmas was less than three weeks away.

But inside the church, the spirit of the season was just what it should have been — joyous, fun-loving and a time to reconnect with friends who have been away for far too long.

The Jolly Snowman Christmas Fair welcomed church members, friends and community members from the Cape and beyond on Dec. 5 for its annual gathering to offer bargain-priced ornaments, decorations, crafts, wreaths, baked goods, knit items and candies.

Even the most Scrooge-like bargain-seekers were not disappointed.


Jolly Snowman Fair chairperson Gail Parker

Fair chairperson Gail Parker, Silent Auction coordinator Jaymie Chamberlin, and a seemingly unending list of volunteers made this year’s fair one to enjoy for the warmth of fellowship while perusing tables overflowing with gift ideas priced from $1 for a special treat to a few hundred dollars for a prime item in the Silent Auction.


And then there was the Lobster Roll luncheon. Terry Keezer and a band of helpers prepared lobster rolls throughout the fair while also offering grilled hot dogs and vegetarian chili.

Between the luncheon and the baked goods offerings of cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies — not to mention candies and fudge — no one had a chance to go away with a growling stomach.


When the fair ended mid-afternoon, the remaining lobster meat was divided into rolls and given to members of the Cape Elizabeth Department.


Many thanks to Gail Parker, who has been preparing for this day for many months;  to Jaymie Chamberlin,  who came up with a wide range of interesting and diverse items for the Silent Auction; to Audrey Jordan for once again organizing the gathering and decorating of wreaths; to Terry Keezer for his organization of the kitchen; to Jim Tammaro for keeping the financial end of the fair on level ground; and to the many volunteers who worked at all the tables for six hours, always offering a welcoming smile.

Also thank you to the many people who baked cakes, pies and cookies, donated items for the Silent Auction and Hidden Treasures Room, and to the unsung heroes who set up the fair and then cleaned up afterward.


Merry Christmas to all — and to all a good night!




Good night, Irene

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