Summer Open House


Learning about each other

The July 11 Open House and Pot Luck Supper at Margaret and Mark Braun’s home was supposed to be a time to better get to know our new minister, Casey Collins. In some ways it was, but it also was, surprisingly, a time to learn a little something more about each other.

After supper, everyone was asked to say where they were born and then disclose something about themselves that few — or any — people knew. It was an an entertaining and revealing hour.

Did you know:

  • One church member used to be a go-go dancer?
  • Another member studied creative writing in college and wanted to be a playwright?
  • When one church member was much younger, he had flaming red hair?
  • Another member used to tap dance in shows on Atlantic City’s Steel Pier?
  • One member used to photograph Navy frogmen training to recover Apollo capsules?
  • One church member rode a bicycle from Maine to New Mexico?

See what you missed?

You’ll have to ask around to get answers to these questions!


A second Summer Open House will be held at the home of Carol and Ted Haider, 32 Chamberlain Road in Scarborough. The Open House will be from 5:30-8 p.m. and supper will take place between 6-7 p.m.

If anyone would like to play disc golf, the Pleasant Hill Disc Golf course in next door and Carol and Ted have some discs you can borrow. Come early if you want to play.


In addition to the 28 people who attended the Braun’s Open House, three well-behaved dogs were in attendance: Piper belonging to Margaret and Mark, Olivia belonging to Betty Jane Shreve, and Hyggelig Dag, the new white German shepherd belonging to Jasper Fontana (above). Hyggelig is Norwegian for “good day.”


Thank you to Margaret and Mark for being such good hosts!




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