Christmas 2017

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Worshiping throughout Christmas Eve

At both a 10 a.m. Sunday service and again at evening worship, our church celebrated the birth of Jesus with the involvement of many church members and friends in a variety of ways.


The morning service included uplifting music from the choir, special creative approaches by Director Faith York, and the deep-sounding tones of the organ, played by Gail Parker.


Scripture readings by members of the church throughout the morning service were accented by messages of the season delivered by Pastor Casey Collins.


And, of course, there was the lighting of the Advent candles.


In the evening Family Service, Pastor Casey had everyone take part as she told the story of Jesus’ birth.


Children were called to the front of the sanctuary and took on the roles of shepherds, angels, the inn keeper, stars and the Magi, all standing around Mary and Joseph and directed what to do by Camille Braun.

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While Pastor Casey read the Christmas story, everyone sitting in the pews was invited to react, such as saying “Wow!” at the appearance of the Angel Gabriel or “Oh No!” when Mary and Joseph were informed there were no rooms available in the inn. To help church members know when to express their vocal reactions, Preston and Melissa Stewart  stood in front of the sanctuary and held up cue cards.


Throughout the service, Christmas hymns were sung, Gail Parker again played the organ,  and Tyler Rodenberger performed a classic piano solo of “Silent Night”. . .

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. . . and at the end of the service, everyone sang “Silent Night,” this time by candlelight.

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Merry Christmas from the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church!!!

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