Jazz Sunday 2018

Making a ‘Joyful Noise’

On the last Sunday before Lent, Stephen Bither once again brought together a group of his talented musician friends to grace our congregation and friends with Mardi Gras-style music on what has become known at our church as Jazz Sunday.

Stephen has been doing this every year since 2007, but this year he added a new approach, having some of the musicians explain during the Children’s Story how they make “joyful noise” in a way that would hopefully please God. The children loved it — as did everyone else!


Stephen Bither explains how jazz can be a “joyful noise”.


Trumpet player Michelle Kingston explains her “joyful noise”.

Stephen’s group played before, during and after the 10 a.m. service with Stephen on piano, Peter Dunfey on banjo, Eric Anderson on trombone, Tom Wilbur on sousaphone, Michelle Kingston on trumpet, Barry Daniels on clarinet, Peter Lord on soprano sax, Paul Aaronson on drums and our own Tyler Rodenberger on tenor sax.


Complementing the jazz musicians, our choir, led by Faith York’s creative arrangements, provided their own “joyful noise”, both on their own and with the musicians.


This was the first Jazz Sunday for Pastor Casey Collins at our church and she celebrated in true style by dancing down the center aisle after her benediction.


And when the service ended, everyone gathered for a pancake and sausage brunch, thanks to the planning and organization of Steve Hill and his busy helpers, Sue and Bruce Lind and Greg Wyman.


Thank you to all who made Jazz Sunday a rousing success, included members of the church and friends who attended the service.

Lent begins with an Ash Wednesday service at the Thornton Heights United Methodist Church in South Portland on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. Pastor Casey Collins from our church will be preaching.

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