Welcome Back Sunday

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Helping us to recognize God

“Welcome Back Sunday” on Sept. 9 was a time for greeting members of the congregation who had been away on vacation or “up at camp”. It was a time to enjoy the choir returning from its summer break and it was a time for Sunday School teachers to get reacquainted with families and their children.

And on this Welcome Back Sunday, Pastor Casey Collins helped us to get reacquainted with God in a variety of ways.

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For starters, Pastor Casey asked the children gathered at the front of the sanctuary to call out elements of what they thought God looked like — loving eyes, long curly hair, a flowing robe, a big smile with teeth. With each thought, Faith York created a portrait of God on a white board.

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It wasn’t exactly an image of God any of us would have expected, but who of us has ever seen God?

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Our next task in God recognition was to listen to scripture passages about God and to call out characteristics of who God is. Both children and adults participated — compassionate, loving, merciful, our refuge, gracious, mighty and awesome, our guide. Each characteristic also was written on a white board at the front of the sanctuary.


And finally, following Communion, everyone was asked to stop at a table in the corner of the sanctuary and trace one of their hands onto a table cloth. The exercise echoed Pastor Casey’s sermon and was used to illustrate that whenever we do good for others, God is in the palm of our hands.

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The table cloth with all of our hands will be used in future weeks as part of Sunday School lessons.


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