Family Promise hosting week


12 adults and children will be our guests

Members of our church and fellow members from the St. Alban’s Episcopal and St. Bartholomew Catholic churches will be working in our church this week to host 12 adults and children as part of the Greater Portland Family Promise mission to help homeless families with children.


Families from Angola and the United States will be eating evening meals with us along with spending time with church members and staying overnight in bedrooms set up in the sanctuary, chapel, and the Sunday School room.


Members of our church, St. Alban’s and St. Bartholomew’s also will be preparing the evening meals and a special breakfast on Saturday morning.


Thank you to volunteers from the three churches and especially to the coordinators: Deanne Burr, Linda Webster and Bonnie Shibles from our church, Deb Phelan from St. Alban’s, and Erin Hartigan and Kathy and Ken Johnson from St. Bartholomew’s!


Click here for more information on and photos from previous Family Promise host weeks:


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