Memphis Youth Choir


Spirit on Pentecost Sunday

The Emmanuel Methodist Youth Choir from Memphis, Tennessee performed throughout our church’s Pentecost Sunday service on June 9, providing the congregation with an uplifting experience from scripture reading, a powerful sermon from the director, the Rev. Kevin Presley (no relation to Elvis!), an interpretative telling of The Road to Jericho with the Good Samaritan — and of course, singing.


The CrossNotes is one of 11 choirs and music ensembles at the Emmanuel Methodist Church involving over 250 men, women, youth and children. The CrossNotes has 40 members in grades 7-12. Sixteen took part in the performance at our church.


The Youth Choir currently is on a summer tour of New England. After the June 9 service at our church, they were spending the afternoon in Portland and then heading for a day in New Hampshire’s White Mountains before two performances in Boston.


For its interpretation of the Road to Jericho, the CrossNotes sang through the entire parable, from the the traveler collapsing in the center aisle, being ignored by the priest and Levite, and finally being comforted and carried away by the Good Samaritan. All three of the central characters told their stories of why and why not they intended to help the traveler. It was both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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A reception was held after the service, prepared by our United Methodist Women.


Thank you to the CrossNotes for a Pentecost Sunday that will not soon be forgotten!

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