Easter Baskets

Our church’s United Women in Faith (formerly known as the United Methodist Women) prepared Easter baskets for members of the congregation who aren’t able to get out too often.

Each basket included cookies, candy, fruit, hot cross bun, and a crossword puzzle book with pen.

The baskets and grass were donated by Jackie Dewey, the regional ambassador for the Dress-a-Girl Around the World mission. Each basket was wrapped in colorful cellophane.

For the past five years, the United Methodist Church has been researching a possible name change for the United Methodist Women and in March of this year they announced the new United Women in Faith brand. During the launch of the new name, the UMC web site said the new identity “seeks to engage newer and younger members and adapt to the changeable circumstances of today’s world while maintaining connections despite the threat of possible schism in the United Methodist Church”.

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