Easter 2022

Members of our church joined with members of the Cape Elizabeth Church of the Nazarene for a Sunrise Service overlooking the ocean at Two Lights to celebrate the dawning of Easter.

On a cloudy morning, the sun didn’t rise directly over the ocean, sending its comforting beams of light as it often does during the Sunrise Service, but the soft glow of light behind the clouds was still a blessing to embrace.

After the service, the muted light also offered a calming time for reflection.

Later in the morning, an Easter service was held in the sanctuary, complete with the full choir after a two-year absence because of the pandemic. A smaller choir had returned a week earlier on Palm Sunday.

The service also saw the largest in-person attendance in two years with a number of people and families returning for the first time since the pandemic began. Masks were optional. The service was also shown live on Zoom.

The service was led by co-pastors Priscilla Dreyman and Kathleen Decker Szakas.

Pastor Priscilla
Pastor Kathleen

Hi is risen!

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