Ukuleles in Worship


Strumming joy to God

Pastor Casey Collins’ sermon on Aug. 12 reminded us that “Music is a way of showing our feelings to God . . . a gift to God.”

In that case, there were many gifts sent heaven-ward on Sunday.

The Peaks Island Ukes, including our own Faith York and Larry Ducharme, played their ukuleles and other instruments throughout worship, creating a slice of summer fun that couldn’t help but to lift everyone’s spirits.


The group played favorite hymns like You Raise Me Up, Morning Has Broken, and In the Garden, but also raised spirits with Let It Be.


Faith explained that the population of Peaks Island is approximately 900 people and about 10 percent of them, at one time or another, have played with the Peaks Island Ukes. “There is no better way to build community,” Faith said.


In Pastor Casey’s sermon, she went on to say, “If we can keep a song in our hearts, our lives will be filled with joy.”

When the service was ending, the joy in Casey’s heart was clearly apparent as she danced up the center aisle with Duane Wakefield.



Thank you, Peaks Island Ukes!

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