Judy’s Pantry

Caring for people in need Even with fresh produce still months away, Judy’s Pantry continues to serve individuals and families in Cape Elizabeth who have trouble putting healthy meals on their dining tables. At this time of the year, the Pantry is open every second and fourth Tuesday of the […]

Volunteer Saturday

Help serve at Preble Street This Saturday, March 30, is our Volunteer Saturday at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen. We need volunteers to help prepare and serve the lunch-time meal and clean up afterward. If you can help with preparing and serving the meal, please arrive around 10:30 a.m. at […]

Corned Beef Supper

Festive UMW event on St. Patrick’s weekend Our United Methodist Women came together for a public Corned Beef and Cabbage Supper on March 16, spending the full day to blend boiled potatoes, cabbage, turnips, carrots and onions with corned beef. The dinner was true Irish. Thank you to Jean Meyer […]

Ash Wednesday

Message from Mary During the Ash Wednesday service at our church, Jaymie Chamberlin portrayed Mary, the mother of Jesus, looking back on his life on Earth from the wonder of his birth to the devastating sorrow of his death. It left the congregation with many spellbinding moments with which to […]

Message from Pastor Casey

Reaction to General Conference (This message from the Rev. Casey Collins was originally delivered to the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church congregation on Sunday, March 3) Many of you have expressed great concern regarding the ruling at the United Methodist General Conference last weekend, the ruling body of the global […]

Jazz Sunday 2019

  ‘The power of music’ Pastor Casey Collins on March 3 preached on the power of music and its “ability to change lives”. The occasion was our church’s annual Jazz Sunday — always on the Sunday before Lent — and Pastor Casey has little trouble convincing all in attendance how […]

Creating Valentines

Messages of love Our United Methodist Women created original Valentines during its monthly gathering on Feb. 12, using a wide range of decorations, stamps, sparkles and ribbons to assemble messages of love for members of the church and friends. Thank you to Deanne Burr for providing all of the decorations […]

Family Promise volunteers

Helping hands in many ways Thank you to all the volunteers from our church, St. Alban’s, and St. Bartholomew’s for helping homeless families with children to feel at home in our church during the week of Feb. 3-10 as part of the Greater Portland Family Promise mission. The group in […]

Sunday School project

Complementing Dress a Girl mission Our Sunday School on Feb. 10 decorated the sleeves of T-shirts that will be used to complement sleeveless dresses women from our church have been creating as part of the Dress a Girl Around the World mission. Carol Hubbard’s Sunday School class cut designs out of […]

Family Promise hosting week

12 adults and children will be our guests Members of our church and fellow members from the St. Alban’s Episcopal and St. Bartholomew Catholic churches will be working in our church this week to host 12 adults and children as part of the Greater Portland Family Promise mission to help […]